The Easiest Ways To Get Music Into Your Home Gym

Are your phone speakers not quite cutting it to pump you up for a heavy lift or high intensity interval? What are the easiest ways to get some loud or better music going? Here are the best ways

For the majority of home gyms, a good Bluetooth speaker is the easiest way to play music without needing headphones. Bluetooth speakers come in a wide range of sizes and prices. For a home gym a relatively large and powerful speaker is necessary to exceed the noise of lifting and other exercises.

Find out the best options below.


By far the easiest way to get some music going is to get some good wireless headphones. Wired headphones are a pain while working out. You have to keep your phone in your pocket and during some exercises that’s very uncomfortable and can damage your phone. There are plenty of wireless headphones nowadays. You’ve got the very well-known ones from the fruity brand but there are plenty of other options that work well for less (or more) money.

Going for sport specific ones is good because they are often a bit better secured in place and can handle more sweat.

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Bluetooth speaker

Many people don’t like to wear any type of headphones during a workout. I don’t really like anything in my ears especially during high intensity workouts. Something else that produces noise is very useful.

By far the easiest way to get some music that’s loud enough in a home gym is a good Bluetooth speaker. These things come in a very wide range of shapes, sizes and prices. To play music at a decent volume that actually does something for you while lifting heavy or sprinting on a treadmill, you do need a decent size speaker.

Generally a larger speaker can produce more noise. Of course the other components have to be able to support that as well but physics wise, a bigger cabinet is easier to produce more sound. Especially the bass will be better the larger the box is. This goes for normal speakers but Bluetooth speakers are the same.

If you want a Bluetooth speaker that is easily movable, getting a battery powered one is the easiest. That way you can just pick it up after a workout and take it with you wherever it might be needed.

A slightly more permanent solution is one that plugs into the wall. The benefit of this is that the components can usually handle more power and produce a better sound. Battery power only goes so far. Something like a speaker from the Sonos Play series will produce much better sound than the vast majority of battery powered Bluetooth speakers. They are not cheap but it’s one of the best ways to get easy music into your gym.

TV + Sound bar

Another option that’s a bit more expensive is to get a TV in your home gym. Optionally you can add a sound bar for more and better sound. It costs a bit more and will take a little bit of effort to mount up properly but in the end you do have something that’s a lot more functional.

Not only can you watch pretty much anything you want but with the right TV (or phone app) it’s also possible to stream on demand workouts. There are a ton of companies that provide these services nowadays so it’s easy to get any workout you like. There are also gym timers that can stream from your phone to a TV which can save money on a separate gym timer.

The sound level and quality out of a TV alone is pretty hit or miss. Some TV’s come with pretty good sound out of the box while others really do need some external speakers. In a home gym you’ll want to mount the TV on the wall anyways so on most wall mounts a sound bar is pretty easy to add on to either the TV or the mount.

Not only is a TV good for streaming on demand workouts but it’s almost the best cardio equipment you can get. If you’re anything like me, cardio exercise just bores me. Having a screen in front of you can really help get your through those 45 minutes with less mental effort.

Home gym audio tips

There are a few things to look out for when thinking about an audio system for your home gym.

  • How big is the space? A large space will need more than one speaker.
  • Keep any audio equipment out of harm’s way. Don’t put it on the floor where dumbbells or weight plates could fall on it. Placing or mounting speakers near the ceiling is the best to keep it safe. That might not be the best for sound quality but it is for longevity.
  • Think about what you expect from a sound system. Want nightclub levels of music? You’ll need nightclub levels of equipment.
  • A good Bluetooth speaker is the easiest option for most people but there is such a wide range of options that knowing what you want from it is still necessary.

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Of course you can always use a traditional setup with amplifier and speakers. Those speakers can even be mounted in the ceiling if that’s something you’d like. However, a setup like that will take up more time and effort to get going.

For a home gym it’s likely you’ll use an old amplifier that’s laying around. That’s all good but keep in mind that that amplifier is probably not Bluetooth enabled. There are ways to add this but it’s an extra complication.

The traditional setup also requires a lot more wiring which takes some effort to do neatly. The speakers and amplifier should also be mounted quite high to make sure nothing can hit them. If you’ve got an amplifier and speakers stored away somewhere, it’s of course fine to use them. However, if you would have to buy new, a Bluetooth speaker is probably going to give you almost the same results for a similar price but much easier to set up.

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