6 Powerful Fans To Keep You Cool In A Home Gym

Working out in your home gym in the summer can be pretty tough. Home gyms usually aren’t air conditioned so the heat can reach dangerous levels pretty quickly. A fan is a good solution to push some fresh air around. Here are the 6 best strong fans that cool you down quickly;

To get a powerful breeze in your home gym, a fan with big blades is going to be more effective. Bigger fan blades can move more air while moving slower than a smaller fan. This is great to push fresh air into your home gym or move air around to cool you down.

Let’s see which big fans will work best for a home gym.

Tornado 24” Drum

This thing doesn’t play around. If you need to cool down in a hurry, this is your fan. On the lowest setting it already pushes 5000 CFM. The medium setting gets you 6000 CFM while the highest provides 7800 CFM. For the amount of air it moves, it doesn’t actually make a lot of noise. Of course it’s not super quiet but it’s quieter than you would expect.

It’s quite large with 24” fan blades but the frame with wheels make it easy to move around. It’s not very pretty but on the other hand it doesn’t look out of place in a gym either. It fits in the industrial look a home gym often has. And most people care more about getting a good workout than having a good looking fan.

Vornado 293

A surprisingly stylish looking design for a shop fan. It’s fan blades aren’t very large but it’s made to move air in a way it circulates inside a space. So it produces a strong but relatively thin column of air.

The motor is IP54 rated which means it is protected against dust and debris. This can really extend the lifespan of a fan in a dusty environment. This fan (and other Vornado fans) is assembled in the USA and they are pretty confident in their products because it’s backed by a 5 year warranty. Most other fans just come with a single year warranty so 5 years is impressive.

This fan is good for pushing air into your gym or to create a cooling column of air. It’s also pretty mobile so you can use it anywhere around the house pretty easily.

Hurricane Pro 20”

Need something that mounts on the wall? This Hurricane fan is a great option. It features an all metal construction with a nice black powdercoating. It pushes out 4500 CFM at 1450 rpm which isn’t the absolute highest on this list but still a good number, especially considering this is a wall mounted fan.

Wall mounted fans have the benefit that they are out of the way. In a compact gym where floor space is scarce, a wall mounted fan is a better option than a floor fan. Wall fans can also oscillate so it provides airflow pretty much everywhere in your gym.

Lasko 20” High velocity

Can’t choose between a floor and a wall mounted fan? This Lasko can do both easily. It comes with a frame that allows you to place it on the floor. However, it comes with a wall bracket that allows you to simply hang the fan on that bracket as well. You can do this in a few seconds. Just make sure the power cord has enough reach.

Having the choice to quickly change from floor standing to wall mounted makes this fan very flexible. You can easily use it in different situations and figure out what works the best for you.

Rowenta VU5670

Ok, the big industrial looking fans are not for you. You want something a little more sophisticated. Maybe something you can also use in the living room. This is the fan.

It looks good, it’s powerful and it’s quiet. What else do you want? A remote control and timer? Well it’s go that too.

Because the airflow is a little lower (2436 CFM) than other models on this list, it’s not the best to push a lot of fresh air inside. However, for cooling you down with a nice breeze, it’s plenty. And besides using it in your gym, its design is good enough that it doesn’t look out of place in most living rooms and bedrooms.

K Tool 42” Industrial blower

Bigger is better, right? Well at least bigger fans push more air. So if you need something a little beefier than the ones above, this 42” fan should do the trick. Your neighbors will be blown away when they see this fan…

I would only recommend this for bigger gyms otherwise it’s just overkill. It pushes 11,250 CFM on the low setting and 14,800 on the high setting. It has a durable build, an industrial look (surprise, surprise) and turns of automatically if the motor were to overheat. Luckily the frame has two 8” rubber wheels so it’s not too difficult to move around.


Big powerful fans tend to be noisy. Noise is simply vibrating air. Quickly rotating fan blades create a lot of turbulence in the air which you can hear as noise.

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Some of the ones above are definitely quieter than others but some are just powerful. In a gym you usually produce a lot of noise anyways so a noisy fan isn’t that much of a problem. If it is an issue, bigger fans tend to move more air at a slower speed so they aren’t as noisy. Of course if you crank up a big fan to the same speed as a small one, it will be even louder.

So more airflow is going to be louder on average although some models are definitely a bit quieter than others. If noise is a big problem, a pedestal fan is usually going to be quieter than the models recommended above (except one).

A ceiling fan is also an option but home gyms don’t often have ceilings that are too high so a ceiling fan could hang too low. If the blades of a ceiling fan is too low, you could hit it with weights or even your hands with all the results that brings. Ceiling fans often don’t create a focused column of air but are a bit more diffuse, creating airflow in the whole space.

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Does a fan cool down a home gym?

All a fan does is push air around, no matter how strong it is. A fan by itself won’t lower the temperature in a room. There are two ways a fan can make your home gym a lot more comfortable though.

If you place the fan in the right location, you can push fresh air into your gym. Especially in a garage gym this is pretty easy. Open the garage door a little, put the fan in the gap and turn it on. The fan will then push air from outside into the garage. And you can do this in any space of course.

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Working out will deteriorate your air quality inside the gym pretty quickly if you don’t have any ventilation so fresh air is always good. But fresh air isn’t necessarily cooler of course. It can be hotter outside than inside. It’s still fresh air but maybe not the kind you want.

However, the other way a fan can help you get more comfortable is just by creating a breeze. We all know the feeling of a nice breeze on a hot day and a fan is basically a very localized version of that. When you work out, you get hot. Your body tries to maintain core temperature by sweating. The sweating cools you down by evaporation which cools the skin. For that process to work efficiently, you need relatively dry air. By blowing the air around, it makes evaporation easier which makes you feel cooler.

A combination of bringing in cooler/dryer air and putting a breeze on your skin will make working out in your home gym on a hot day a whole lot more bearable.

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