3 Best Gym Interval Timers That Are Easy To Use

Interval timers can add a lot to your gym and your workouts. But many of them are pretty difficult to work with mediocre remote controls that take forever to figure out. Here are the X best gym timers that are easy to set up and use.

The best gym timers that are easy to use are controlled by a phone app instead of a remote control or just very easy to control with physical buttons. The best options are;

Find out more about these timers below.

GymNext Flex

The GymNext Flex is a great gym timer that combines ease of use with plenty of functionality. This timer is controlled by a free phone app so it’s super easy to work with. There is no other remote control. The app works via WiFi so it’s necessary to stay within range.

The display itself is easy to read and has bright 2.3” tall digits. The unit is well built and has a ton of different timer and interval modes but you can also build your own custom interval mode in the app. Besides that, the timer can sync with other timers so you could have the same timer in different rooms. It’s also possible to cast the timer to your TV via ChromeCast or AppleTV.

The built in buzzer is adjustable in volume. But if you connect it to a Bluetooth speaker, you can play music and the music will fade in and out when the interval cues play.

Buy the GymNext Flex here

GymNext Flex features;

  • 10 modes; standard, round, interval, Tabata, EMOM, Multi-segment, Lap, Scoreboard, Shot Clock, Beep test.
  • App controlled (iOs or Android), easy to use.
  • Link multiple timers together
  • Cast timer to TV
  • Fade music in and out if connected to Bluetooth speaker
  • Easy to read 2.3” tall digits.
  • Canada based company with good customer service

BTBsign App controlled

BTBsign makes a few different gym timers. Most of them come with a remote control that’s hard to work if you don’t study the manual first. This “app controlled’ version is, as the name suggests, controlled by an app on your phone, just like the GymNext.

This one does things a bit differently though. Where the GymNext is wall mounted, this one is smaller and battery powered. Combine that with a magnetic backplate and it means it’s easily moved around and stuck onto any metal surface. Great for if you’re working out in different places. The digits are only 1” high but since it’s portable, you can always put it in a place where it’s easy to read.

 It’s controlled by either the app or by the buttons on the unit itself. Either way is easier than using the traditional remote.

BTBsign App control features;

  • Battery powered. Recharged by USB
  • 2 hours charging is enough for 10 hours of on time.
  • Compact; 6.1” x 1” x 2” / 156 x 25 x 52 mm
  • 11 timer modes
  • 1” tall digits
  • Magnetic back plate sticks to any metal surface
  • Controlled by app or buttons on the unit

Gymboss Interval

A simple but effective interval timer you can wear on your wrist. Most digital wrist watches don’t have the interval functionality and while some fitness bands do, this is a much cheaper solution.

It’s a super simple piece of equipment. You can set one or two intervals that last between two seconds and 99 minutes. Other functions are a clock and a stopwatch.

If you want to wear it on your wrist, there is a separate strap available. Otherwise it just clips to your clothes or you can put it down.

It’s a super simple piece of equipment but it’s sturdy and doesn’t cost much. The simplicity means it’s easy to use. 

Your Phone

Most of the timers above are controlled by an app on your phone. Why not take the external display out of the equation and just use your phone? There are plenty of free and paid phone apps available that provide interval functionality.

However, I can understand if you want to keep your phone out of the gym. It’s distracting and can actually keep you from working out. You think you can send one text in your rest period and suddenly you’ve been resting for 5 minutes. So there are definite benefits to just setting up the timer on an app and putting your phone away.

Gym Timer Modes Explained

By looking at the names of all the functions above you are probably a bit confused what they all mean. Here is a quick explanation of the most popular timer modes and what they do.

EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute. The timer rings every minute. A person completes a certain amount of reps of a particular exercise in 60 seconds. Then rest (inside the 60 seconds). When the timer rings, you try to hit the same amount of repetitions again. Repeat between 10 and 20 times. https://draxe.com/fitness/emom-workouts/

HIIT: High Intensity Interval Training: Alternates between high and low intensity intervals. During the high interval, you’ll work as hard as you can for the set time (30 seconds to 3 minutes). After the high interval there is a low interval where you recover for the same amount of time.

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Tabata: 20 Seconds work, 10 seconds rest, repeat 8 times.

Beep Test: Used to test fitness. Usually used with swimming or running. You have to reach the other side of a 20 meter span in the time between the beeps. After a few shuttles, the time between the beeps decreases and you’ll have to run/swim fater.

Lap Timer: Times how long it takes to complete a lap.

Up: The timer counts up to a preset amount of time

Down: The timer counts down from a preset amount of time

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